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Vol.44, No.0, 487 ~ 501, 2014
A Scarf Design Using Knit and Beading Techniques
이인영 Lee In Young , 유태순 Yoo Tai Soon
The purpose of this study is to exploit the knit scarves in the aspects of aesthetic sensations and requiring the high qualities of the consumers and on the purpose of the ways of commercialization of scarf design. The results based on such working methods were as following: First, the shape and sizes of the scarves might determine the use of the scarf such as a shawl. When others view the different kinds of scarves on a person, it can produce and present various feelings. Second, this study showed the fact that the selection of the material was the most important choice rather than other choices. Third, this study showed the fact that the syndicates which were appeared from the surface of the scarf had important roles for representing the emotions in the design of the scarf. Fourth, the study showed and recognized the fact that the beading working on the scarf was very important role for the creations of high value-added, particularly, the selections of beads were the impetus for designs of scarves which were made the scarf for more delicate and high qualities. Finally, through this study the researcher recognized the scarf not only showed to represent of person`s character but also to need to pay attention to the knitted scarf and to recognize the importance for development of design. In addition, the researcher hopes and expects that this study can be helpful to the scholars who study in the design of knit scarf.
Key Words
니트, 비딩, 비딩 스카프, Knit, beading, beading scarves
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