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Code of Research Ethics

Korea Society of Design Trend should make its utmost effort to fulfill the mission of the times and contribute to the healthy growth of humankind through international exchange, academic research activities, creative activities and design policies aiming for academic development across entire design sectors. Based on the freedom and responsibility for academic pursuit assigned to them, Korea Society of Design Trend establishes the code of ethics regarding the attitudes, responsibilities and conducts of researchers in design and takes the code as the base of ethics applied to design research activities.

The members of Korea Society of Design Trend should keep the followings while performing research and academic activities.

* They should strive for public benefit when returning their expertise, specialized knowledge, and research output to the society; conduct design research on the basis of academic conscience; and fulfill their responsibilities and obligations as intellectual.

* Korea Society of Design Trend and its members should be aimed in cooperation to develop related areas such as studies of design, arts, the humanities, science, engineering, and business management. In addition, they should actively patriciate in design industry to accumulate design knowledge and thus contribute to the development of industrial competitiveness.

* Peers and associates are recommended to be aware of ver-changeling studies of design; improve their competence in specialized areas; expand the scope of their expertise; and never stop developing themselves.

* A researcher should not participate in or engage him/herself in the design research that has already been being conducted by other researcher or that has been decided for other research to carry out, without proper consent or approval.

* Korea Society of Design Trend and its members shall make an effort for diverse exchange with other researchers at international level in an attempt to realize the ideal of this community.

* Research activities should abide by the basic code of ethics recommended by laws and regulations of learned societies.



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