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Guidelines To Writing an Academic Article

This guideline has been prepared based on the journal publication manual of the American psychological Association (APA). Any items not specified in this guideline should follow 'Publication manual of the American psychological Association, 5th, ed.'
(The date of the final revision of the guideline: November 9th, 2015 by the Editing Commission of Korea Society of Design Trend)

1. Layout of your document
(1) A submitter should be responsible for the right layout and printing of the manuscript to submit to this journal.
(2) Paper: A4 (210㎜×297㎜) / Two columns per page (gap between columns: 7.0㎜) both (left and right) ends
(3) Margin: top (15㎜), bottom (15㎜), left (25㎜), right (25㎜), foreword (10㎜), footer (10㎜), binding (0㎜)
(4) Paper direction: vertical

2. Title, author, and Institution
(1) Title should be written both in Korean and English and should be concise, comprehensive and implicative for the gist of the academic article.
(2) The name of author(s) and institution should be written both in Korean and English on the cover page of the academic article.
In case an academic article is written by more than one author, they should be clearly specified by main author, co-author, and correspondent author. The e-mail address of correspondent author should be provided.

3. An Abstract both in Korean and English.
(1) The length of the abstract for an academic article should be between 500 and 600 words in Korean.
(2) The keyword of an academic article should consist of 3 words that are most suitable for searching academic article and represent research theme. They should be written both in Korean and English at the bottom of both Korean and English abstract, respectively.

4. Main Text
1) General Principles
(1) The main text should keep the numbering rules from upper title to lower title as follows.
(Example) 1. → 1.1. → 1.1.1. → (1).
(2) In principle, footnote should be used only when necessary to provide additional explanation. The source of citation and referencing should not be disclosed in footnote. In addition, bibliographic information is not described in footnote but in the main text (only the name of author and the year of publication). Details are listed in Reference.

2) Citation and Referencing
(1) In the main text, citation or the source of referencing should be written in parentheses in which only the name of author, the year of publication, and page number are described. Double quotation marks (" ") should be used to enclose direct quotation and the number of quoted page. The number of quoted page is not applied to indirect quotation.

3) Table and Picture (including figure)
(1) Table and picture (including figure) should be written in a form and style that can be easily open with the main text in a file.
(2) When table and/or picture (including figure) is used, it must be explained in the main text.

5. Reference
Reference should be listed below the title 'Reference' after the end of the main text and only literature cited and quoted in the main text should be listed.


Rules for the Contribution of Academic Article

Article 1 (Contents)
1) An academic article to contribute to this Journal should be regarding a sector of domestic and/or international design and be acknowledged for its creativity. In principle, any academic article that has already been published or in review for publication can't be contributed to this Journal.
2) A contributor of an academic article should take a full and final responsibility for the contents of the contributor.
3) In case of more than one author for an academic article, they should be classified into main author, correspondent author, and/or co-author, which should be clearly expressed in the academic article.

Article 2 (Qualification and Screening)
1) The main author, co-author, and/or correspondent author for the Journal should be a member of this Society without dues.
2) Contributed academic paper is reviewed by the Screening Committee and determined by Editing Commission for publication in the Journal. When necessary, the submitted academic paper can be asked for modification and/or supplementation.
3) In principle, the order of publication should follow the order of received date for screening.

Article 3 (Type of Academic Article)
The types of learned papers to be published in the collection of 'Korea Design Forum' are as follows. The papers should be unpublished ones regardless of any form.
1) Research Paper, 2) Report, 3) Commentary, 4) Work

Article 4 (Style of Academic Article)
Academic article aiming for the publication in the Journal of Korea Design Forum should follow its 'Guidelines To Writing an Academic Article of Korea Design Forum' for basic layout and style. Either Korean or English can be acceptable as the language for an academic article.

Article 5 (Period and Method of Paper Contribution)
1) Period of Paper Contribution
An academic article can be contributed anytime in consideration of 2 months that takes from screening to publication.
- Academic articles are published on fixed dates: February 25th, March 25th, August 25th, and November 25th.

Article 6 (Method of Paper Contribution)
A. General Article
A contributor of a new learned paper should enter title, keyword, abstract, and the number of pages at JAMS (Journal & Article Management System) On-line system in accordance with the procedure of article registration; check concerned research area; and upload a research file and the application form of paper contribution.

Article 7 (Fee for Paper Contribution)
1) Review fee is 200,000won and should be paid at the receipt of academic article.
(Deposit without a bankbook: Kookmin Bank: 216701-04-115595, Korea Society of Design Trend)
2) Publishing Free
- 120,000 won (10 pages). 300,000won per additional 2 pages.

Article 8 (Author's Edition)
In principle, author should edit a draft and the Society does not involve in any edition work of an academic submitted.

Article 9 (Copyright and Publication)
Copyright on an academic article belongs to contributing author(s). The academic paper contributed to 'the Journal of Korea Design Forum' is opened to the public online (in database). Any rights, benefits, copyright and digital copyright of the academic article generated by the contribution and right to exercise those rights are deemed 'transferrer' to Korea Society of Design Trend.

Article 10 (Submission of Manuscript)
Manuscript and contribution should be done in accordance with the guideline specified by Korea Society of Design Trend.

Article 11 (Supplementary Rule)
(Date of Execution) This concerned rules should go into effect from the date that it is approved in the board of directors.


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