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Vol.44, No.0, 451 ~ 461, 2014
A Suggestion of the Future Community for Active Senior - Focused on the Virtual Reality Space -
김다솜 , 김원택 Wontaik Kim , 박현우 Hyunwoo Park
Lately, many people in a modern society are interested in ripple effects of aging. Accordingly, enterprises are competing for putting up their new `Silver businesses` for seniors. On the other hand, domestic businesses have been considering that senior citizens are weak and mostly focused on developing health services and recovery so far. However, it is expected that there won`t be major health problems to a future senior generation in 2030. The reason is that medical services will be increasingly improved along with IT industry`s development. In addition, health cares for disease prevention will be strengthened annually. New seniors in aging societies not only maintain their physical youth, but also follow the trend to keep their psychological and spiritual youth. Therefore, we are about to analyze the effects that the development of IT industry and technology influences on our societies. In our oncoming senior market, we would like to investigate the way IT technology meets senior citizens` desires and suggests the concepts and service models of sustainable future communities. Through this process, We induced senior who has economic consumption capacity and, we about to predict new trend that makes economical and additional value creations.
Key Words
액티브 시니어, 미래 커뮤니티, 가상현실, Active Senior, Future Community, Virtual Reality
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