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Vol.44, No.0, 441 ~ 451, 2014
Comparative Analysis on the Appropriateness of Furniture Design in the Space of Elderly Group Homes and Evaluation on its Functionality - With the cases of furniture design in the space of elderly group homes in Japan and Korea -
최기 Choi Ki , 문정인 Moon Jung-in
The purpose of this study is to verify it is possible to improve user convenience if furniture design employed in elderly group homes in Korea will be changed appropriately to the behavioral characteristics of the elderly living in them. The researchers first examined the definition of elderly group homes, the current status of the facilities in Korea, and the characteristics of space design. And they selected superior cases of furniture design in senior care facilities in Japan and examined the outline of design and also visited elderly care facilities in Korea and investigated the current status of furniture design precisely. Lastly, they comparatively analyzed the appropriateness of furniture design in the space of elderly group homes between Japan and Korea and verified the necessity to improve the environment and also suggested ways to enhance the design in it. In conclusion, the study has found the fact that the furniture being used in elderly care facilities in Korea is mostly the products not reflecting the characteristics of the users properly. And with the case study, the researchers have found that it is urgently needed to develop customized furniture design for the elderly getting care in them. Furthermore, the results of this paper can possibly be applied to developing furniture design appropriate for elderly group homes in Korea afterwards, and regarding that, more detailed follow-up research will have to be conducted.
Key Words
노인요양공동생활가정, 가구디자인, 기능성, Elderly Group Homes, Furniture Design, Functionality
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