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Vol.44, No.0, 395 ~ 407, 2014
Design Elements and Characteristics of Royal Court Dancing Costumes in the Joseon Dynasty
박가영 Park Ga-young
Royal court dancing costumes in the Joseon Dynasty was very classy and splendid. Therefore documentary records, paintings and relics were used as research material to uncover the historical changes of jeonak, akgong, yeoryeong, donggi, mudong, and Cheoyong`s costumes. Next, design elements and characteristics were analyzed to adapt for Korean fashion design. Research analysis of the design elements, such as is as follows; harmony of tranquility and movement and the effect of overlap and slit are found. Second, contrast color of red and green and the color matching principle of the five cardinal colors are understood. Third, unique design characteristics is as follows; First, philosophical symbolism, cheonwonjibang and the five elements theory for example, is discovered in Cheoyong and mudong`s costumes. Second, experimental formative, such as decoration used plane and three-dimensional method simultaneously, is found in akgong`s costumes. Third, understated simplicity is observed in extremely refined jeonak and donggi`s costumes. The aesthetics of traditional costume and formative principle are suggested through further research. Establishment of identity of Korean design and development of unique design will be possible if follow-up study is accumulated.
Key Words
조선시대, 궁중정재복식, 한국적 패션 디자인, Joseon Dynasty, royal court dancing costumes, Korean fashion design
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