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Vol.44, No.0, 383 ~ 395, 2014
A Study on Developmental Direction of Spatial Design Education - Basic Research to Establish Plan for Web Based Education of Spatial Design -
안소미 An So-mi
Approaches to educational contents, formalities, and methods of spatial design has changed with social backgrounds or technological advancement, and in the modern times, due to development of computers and the Internet, there have occurred more changes, with which new educational methods have been tried, yet still short of comprehensive understanding on which direction the future space education should aim at. This study started out of this necessity, and its purpose is to grasp changes in the direction of researches related to spatial design, and to present the direction of future development with web linked design education. For this, the forgoing researches on space design was assorted by periods, and direction of the comprehensive changes via the content analysis method was analyzed. Based on its outcome, domestic space design education have shown changes in 4 items of `curriculum changes`, use of digital tools`, `use of the Web`, and `grafting new subjects`. The spatial design education has advanced from securing professionalism of space design, through field education reinforcement to integrative plan of theory and hands-on experience, while the use of digital tools from application of spatial design visualization to enlarged application through out the whole design process as well as suggestions on integrative plan in conjunction with analogue educational plan. Utilization of the Web that has recently developed empathizes a shift from unilateral transmission to bilateral, and the new subjects such as eco-friendliness, age-friendliness, and creativity is applied to the spatial design education. Web linked spatial design education in the future should be developed in such a direction.
Key Words
공간 디자인, 디자인 교육, 발전 방향, Spatial Design, Design Education, Developmental Direction
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