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Vol.44, No.0, 371 ~ 383, 2014
Maternity Wear Design using Textile Patterns of Saengbul Flower in Soe-Cheon Flower Garden
장애란 Jang Ae-ran
The purpose of this study was to develop the maternity wear designs in order to relieve the psychological stress caused by the pregnancy and childbirth. To achieve this, it was borrowed that Seo-Cheon flower garden of Jeju myth is the mythical space explained and dealt with the theoretical issue of human life, and was produced the first Saengbul flower that gave birth to human. In other words, first, it developed the textile pattern designs that materialized auspicious image through interpreting the mythical meaning (pregnancy, fecundity, prosperity etc.) - symbol as the shamanistic object including human wish or religious symbol in process of pattern contents using Saengbul flower - from a modern view using Saengbul flower in Seo-Cheon flower garden of Jeju Myth. Second, it produced and suggested the maternity wear designs inserted the textile patterns, i.e. shirts blouse + skirt, shirts blouse + pants, one-piece dress and blouse-cum-one-piece + pants. The main design point is to design A-line silhouette to add sufficient on the region of th chest and abdomen, and to design the style reflected stylish and activity. It used cotton, cotton mixed with 5 % spandex, silk, and materials printed the textile patterns implied mythical meaning by DTP. And to conclude, by suggesting the design inserted the textile patterns into maternity wear, it makes pregnant woman accept the symbolic meanings, effect of amulet, only used textile patterns.
Key Words
생불꽃, 텍스타일 패턴, 마터니티 웨어 디자인, Saengbul flower, textile pattern, maternity wear design
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