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Vol.44, No.0, 359 ~ 371, 2014
A Study on the Symbol Mark Design by Chinese Traditional Patterns - Focus on Bei Jing Nan Luo Gu Xiang(南?鼓巷) -
추강 Zou Kang , 김선화 Kim Sun Hwa
Through reform and opening up, China began to introduce the concept of symbol mark while the symbol mark and logo type while the symbol mark and logo-type design of China keeps becoming international day by day. China`s problems about the design becoming westernized and social problems as an industrial manufacturer caused the Chinese government to take interest in design. Then, the Chinese government announced its policy for developing cultural tradition in all the realms including design. This thesis originates in wanting to find what is like China in the identity of Chinese enterprises and brands. Since the start of being like China can be found in tradition, actual condition of usage was analyzed on the subject of companies currently in application of traditional pattern to their symbol mark. Concrete analysis was derived through survey as to whether the enterprises in Nanluoguxiang are using China`s traditional pattern in their symbol mark and though the present condition and SMCR model to know in what fields it is used and what is the problem of the symbol mark used. In the thesis, the analyzed symbol mark became the theme of the cultural center, through the analysis of the deformation from the cultural center, the means of communication must be identified. Results of the study are as follows: First, the stores which use traditional patterns as a symbol mark are not in 35 out of the 290stores of Nanluoguxiang and it`s only 11 percent. according to the survey results, mainly in the field of crafts and art, catering fashion and groceries, the traditional patterns are being used. Second, about symbol mark there are a great of available Chinese traditional designs, but currently the plant patterns are commonly being used. Third, in order to know the problem of the symbol mark which used the traditional patten the conclusion was drawn through the research. After the awareness`s research(questionnaire) through the actual study and statistics, not only foreigner but also Chinese people definitely can`t know what is symbol traditionally used. And in the traditional patten FuGuiWanDai( ) is the most traditional and national. And the traditional patterns are used as what it is . The derivative and identifiability results appeared. Traditional patterns were creatively altered and it must be used to fit the modern sense. Through the thesis, because there is symbol mark design, in order to improve the competitiveness of Chinese symbol mark design and bland, it is expected that the useful information can be well used.
Key Words
난루오꾸샹 심볼마크, 중국 전통문양, Nan Luo Gu Xiang(南?鼓巷) Symbol Mark, Chinese Traditional Pattern
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