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Vol.44, No.0, 217 ~ 231, 2014
Image ideological of women appeared in Miyazaki Hayao`s animation
김은주 Kim Eun-ju , 김건 Kim Geon
All female characters in animated films by Miyazaki Hayao, one of Japan`s greatest animation directors, would be represented in two aspects: the first one is the heroine as the female warrior who prevents disasters caused by weapons of war, an advance in science, and thoughtless exploitation of the earth. The other aspect is imaged in peculiarity of flexibility and rich sensitivity as they have warmness and strong ties to the surroundings, and demonstrate a strong wills to her purposes. However, these aspects are not appeared individually, but rather complex and integrated ways. It can be grasped in the relation between characteristics of the female figure immanent in the narrative and the visual text emerged in the external surface of film. The result of MBTI indicates types of female: the Judging type (Judgin-J) pronounces a strong wills, taking clear purpose and actions. The introversive type (Introversion-I) maintains a good interpersonal relationship with others carefully but has strong self-esteem. At the level of the index of thought and emotion, the feeling type (Feeling-F) is a warm and friendly one, and displays the tendency to devote and serve in the instinct of motherly love to surrounding people. The female image proved through ideology structured on the base of denotation and connotation of the female, works as the `the subject against the physical subject of mannish`, `women as problem solvers`, `women that symbolizes the nature` and `the subject in pursuit of motherly principle and feministic ideology.`
Key Words
미야자키 하야오, 의미생성, 이데올로기적 구조, Miyazaki Hayao, Signification, Structure ideological
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