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Vol.44, No.0, 183 ~ 195, 2014
Sustainable Design Applied in Fashion Marketing - Focus on Domestic Fashion Market Case Analysis -
Baek Kyung Won , 유태순 Yoo Tai Soon , 조은영 Jo Eun Young
The purpose of this study is to define and classify the connection of sustainable design that is variously and widely discussed in a paradigm of sustainability, so that integrated understanding for the development of sustainable design is promoted. The concept of sustainable design, development, research and practice, the value of sustainable design and content discussed. And then, based on connectivity to classify sustainable design practices. Based on these documents, the criterion for the practice assessment of sustainable design is introduced to investigate the trend for sustainable design of fashion companies and brands. Research is mainly progressed by studying documents such as books, papers, news reports and articles, internet data, research reports from research institutions and companies. As a result of understanding, identifying the connectivity and classifying the contents and characteristics of sustainable design through concept and case study of sustainable design, sustainable design was divided into six sub-dimensions according to eco-friendliness, publicness, and economics. In addition, as a result of analyzing the practices for the sustainable design and sustainable marketing in the fashion market based on the rating scale assessing performance of sustainable design, the running direction and the extent to which each fashion companies and brands execute sustainability were found to be different depending on the company`s philosophy, brand concept, or business scale and distribution network.
Key Words
지속가능디자인, 패션마켓, 지속가능마케팅, Sustainable design, Fashion market, Sustainable marketing
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