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Vol.43, No.0, 105 ~ 119, 2014
Research of Biomimicry Space Design Characteristic based on the Ecological point of view
최성경 Choi Seong-kyung , 문정민 Moon Jeong-min
Biomimicry is a study where life phenomena in nature and working principles were analysed with the use of theoretical research on the ecological world, living creatures, scientific equipment, and advanced technology and the results are reflected in human lives with better living conditions. Thanks to this, we can have sustainable development through different viewpoints. So for sustainable architectural spaces, intensive research on the ecological world and its processes and the expressive strategies which can apply these results to a spatial environment should be developed. Therefore, this study explains the characteristics of the ecological world. Biomimicry architecture and design elements are presented through theoretical research on ecological architecture and biomimicry in design, as well as how to apply the developed design elements in real design through a case study. Biomimicry in architecture and design, created through inspiration from the ecological world, has an ethical value to change our attitudes toward nature as well as a real value of being eco-friendly and a sustainable innovation in technology. It is expected that this will provide direction for research on sustainable architecture and human life styles for the unknown future, and design and technology will be used as instruments for the symbiotic growth of humans and nature instead of instruments to satisfy human greed.
Key Words
바이오미미크리 디자인과 건축, 바이오메틱스, 생태학, 컨텍스트, Biomimicry Design & Architecture, Biometics, Ecological, Context
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