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Vol.43, No.0, 43 ~ 53, 2014
Comparison of Characteristics in Product Planning Process of Imported Clothing Brands
안연숙 Ahn Yeon-sook , 강혜승 Kang Hae-seung
With the changes in distribution channel caused by the recessive local fashion market and the expanding global market, brand composition has changed, which again let to increased interest of the fashion industry in import and licensed-brand business by large companies. In this study, 3 import brands are selected for comparison / analysis of fashion product planning processes, with the goal of identifying strength / weakness and distinctive types of each brands. The above product planning can be classified into information analysis development, design confirmation and production, sales strategy promotion stages. In information analysis stage, image management of the head office for the purposes of maintaining brand identity is very important and in production stage, smooth production supply and construction of production reaction system is needed and in the promotion stage, the priority is to use the integrated SI strategy for the enhancement of the image gentrification. The characteristics of product planning classified according to the development types per brand can be summarized into three points. First type is the glocalization strategy which takes the domestic circumstances and global identity into consideration and the second is MD centered system that overcame production system and cultural conflicts, which are the limits of import brands, with efficient planning and management ability of the head office, and the third is designed focused process that strives for fashion pioneer image through sensible branding and image marketing. Via the analysis above, it is evident that the import brand has evolved into a planning system that compromises sensible, efficient aspects. This study seeks to assist the advancement of domestic fashion by suggesting data on global strategy for market settlement in global market entrance.
Key Words
수입의류 브랜드, 시장 현황, 상품기획 프로세스, Imported Clothing Brands, Market Condit- ion, Product Planning Process
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