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Vol.43, No.0, 7 ~ 21, 2014
Fashion Luxury Multi-channel Consumers` Shopping Channel Selection Process and Characteristics of Multi-channel Shoppers
김수연 Kim Soo-yeon , 황진숙 Hwang Jin-sook
This study focuses on shopping channel selection process of fashion luxury consumers who utilize multi-channels and the main factors driving their selection. The study aimed to understand the channel selection behavior and analyze the characteristics of each consumer type. An in-depth interview was conducted with 19 consumers, who mainly use multi-channels to purchase fashion luxury goods. The findings were as follows: 1) the decision-making stages for purchasing goods, namely problem recognition, information search, evaluation of alternatives, also applied to the process of selecting a shopping channel; 2) the luxury consumption values and the demographic characteristics of the fashion luxury consumers were drivers from the `information search` stage amid the channel selection progress, whereas perceived benefits, such as sales promotions, buying selections and merchandise assortments, and services, were drivers from the `evaluation of channels` stage; and 3) the consumers were classified according to the process of selecting a shopping channel and four types of multi-channel shoppers were found: `value-search type`, `self-directed type`, `brand relationship-oriented type` and `multi-channel switch type`. Analyzing shopping behavior of consumers, led to a proposal of multi-channel retailing strategy for each consumer type.
Key Words
패션명품 멀티채널 쇼퍼, 쇼핑채널 선택과정, 쇼핑행동 특성, Fashion luxury multi-channel shopper, Shopping channel selection process, Characteristics of multi-channel shopper
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