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Vol.42, No.0, 111 ~ 121, 2014
The influence of Ukiyoe on the works of Aubrey Beardsley
강민정 Kang Min Jeung
In the late 19th century, the formation of new social classes and changes in production methods after the Industrial Revolution influenced art and design. A number of artists made various attempts to change the ways of creating works of art accordingly. One of the phenomena that affected those changes was `Japonism`. The biggest factor in setting the trend of enthusiastic following of Japanese style, Japonism, was `Ukiyoe`, multicolored woodcuts that prospered in the Edo period. Ukiyoe was created under the influence of the emergence of citizens and popular culture in the Edo period. It was characterized by both oriental style of molding expression and an elaborate division of labor that was required for woodcut engravings. The expression method of emphasizing curved lines, the combination of flat surfaces composed of dramatically contrasted features, the inclusion of decorating elements to depict intense images, and the public favored themes provided Western artists in modern age with clues for a new style which they had never encountered before. Aubrey Beardsley who was hugely influential in the creation of a design style in the early modern age was one of the artists inspired by Ukiyoe. He collected Ukiyoe and tried to incorporate it into his illustrations. His works show the influences of Ukiyoe in terms of expressive qualities including smooth curved lines, the sharp contrast of black and white flat surfaces, exotic and splendid decorations and of content characteristic such as daring portrayals of sexual love and grotesque, frightening images. This study sought to illuminate the influences of Ukiyoe on Beardsley`s works by analyzing his major illustrations. Based on this, the present research looked into the influences of Orientalism on the formation of modern design.
Key Words
오브리 비어즐리, 우키요에, 근대 디자인, Aubrey Beardsley, Ukiyoe, Modern Design
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