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Vol.42, No.0, 33 ~ 45, 2014
Impacts of Photographic Lighting Technique on Determination of Makeup and Beauty Image - Focusing on the Advertisements of Fashion, Cosmetics and Editorial Beauty Photographs Published in Fashion Magazines -
이선주 Lee Sun-joo
As a study on the impact of the photographic lighting technique on the makeup and the beauty image, in this article, the theoretical background on the effects of the makeup and the beauty image by the photographic lighting technique was examined through the literature review and the case analysis, and the outcomes that photographed the models using the different lighting techniques after making up them directly in the studio were presented as the empirical study together with the application cases represented through the fashion magazines such as Vogue, Bazaar, Allure, and Marie Claire in Korean version from 2010 to 2013. Since it is hard to maximize the product characteristics of the specific cosmetic brand and to complete the good outcome by producing the beauty image in the pictorial images effectively only with the makeup, the correlation of the beauty image, which varies by the lighting technique, with the lighting technique was analyzed focusing on the photographing and application cases according to the preceding studies on the lighting techniques, which can maximize the makeup effects and the literature reviews. The results of this study are as follows. First, it was observed that determining the size and the location of main lighting is important to maximize the makeup effects by the characteristics of the cosmetics. Second, it was observed that in the beauty image photographing, which represents the soft and clean, the lighting technique with mild contrast and front lighting is mostly used. Third, it was observed that when the intelligent image with cubic effect is desired by expressing the color of the color cosmetics accurately and clearly, the side light was mainly used by utilizing strobe. Fourth, it was observed that in the cosmetics advertisement, the lighting technique with strong back light and the color temperature has been used locally because of its the aspects that makes feel rigid and the color reproduction is not easy. The author hope that such results would be used in the beauty industry, which uses the lighting, and expects that the active researches would be made not only with the fashion magazine but also with the media area.
Key Words
사진조명기법, 메이크업, 뷰티이미지, Photographic lighting technique, Make-up, Beauty image
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