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Vol.41, No.0, 271 ~ 281, 2013
Textile Pattern and Fashion Cultural Product Designs Utilizing the Characteristic of Handwriting of Gilsang Munjado
고순희 Ko Soon-hee , 장현주 Jang Hyun-joo
Gilsang Munjado is a kind of drawing realizing auspicious aspirations or dreams which are potential in human-being. This study uses the Gilsang Munjado as a cultural archetype, and it analyzes the characteristics of its forms through a search of literature and artifact analyses in order to design textile patterns based on the characteristics of handwriting, and then print them through desktop publishing. The ultimate aim is to use them to develop fashion cultural products. Gilsang Munjado can be categorized into three types: the indecipherable one, the one of mixed letters and drawings in one letter, and the clear one. In this study, by utilizing the features of this type, patterns and household items emphasizing stylized decorative beauty are created. This study is expected to aid in the development of appealing products through the contemporary reinterpretation of the traditional cultural archetype.
Key Words
길상문자도, 서체, 패션문화상품, 텍스타일패턴, Gilsang Munjado, a style of handwriting, fashion cultural items, textile pattern
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