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Vol.41, No.0, 261 ~ 271, 2013
Influence of Beauty Teachers′Image on High School Students′ Class Attitude
나선영 Na Sun-young , 유태순 Yoo Tai-soon
The purposes of this study is to find out how beauty-specialized high school students` recognition of beauty teachers` image influences on class attitude toward both practice-oriented classes and theory-oriented classes, to recognize how important students` recognition of beauty teachers` image is, and to provide fundamental data about how to increase students` concentration and efficiency on classes by using beauty teachers` good image. As a result, appearance has a positive influence on practice-oriented classes among personality, appearance, work·role counselor and specialty. In theory-oriented classes appearance also has a positive influence among personality, appearance, work·role counselor and specialty. The subjects show high response to appearance because they study in a vocational school and major in beauty. In adolescence students tend to express their individuality by taking good care of their appearance and to keep up with peer culture. High response of the students, who major in beauty, to teachers` image by appearance show this fact, and was particularly influenced on their subjects` characteristics that are related with beauty. Therefore, beauty teachers need to have interest not only in several images but also in taking care of a good image as a beauty teacher to make students have enthusiastic and positive class attitude.
Key Words
미용교사, 이미지, 수업태도, beauty teachers, Image, Class attitude
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