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Vol.41, No.0, 241 ~ 251, 2013
Playing Characteristics of Experiential Digital Products - Focused on Homo Ludens -
조성배 Jo Sung-bae
Recently playing is actively widely applied to digital media products. However, the concept of playing is hard to define, and the value characteristically is ambiguous to measure quantitatively. In this study, it was assumed that the playing characteristics of experience-based digital product design can be identified in combination with the theories of Johan Huizinga and Roger Caillois. This study has the purpose to classify and examine the forms and characteristics of playing attributes that are integrated in experience-based digital product design based on the nature of homo ludens human that performs Johan Huizinga game to discuss playing an important domain of human activities. Specifically, the basic attributes of playing were classified based on homo ludens of Johan Huizinga who defined human as playing human and the playing theories of Roger Caillois who succeeded and further developed it, and the experience-based digital product design was examined on this basis. Playing humans depicted in homo ludens were classified into 4 groups Argon(competition), Alea(coincidence), Mimicri(imitation) and Ilinx(dizziness) as was done by Roger Caillois, and after each characteristic was examined, it was shown that the playing attributes of experience-based digital products are substituted to 4 groups conversion, coincidence, metaphor and immersion etc. In the playing environment discussed in homo ludens, playing is performed through user`s voluntary participation, immersion into virtual reality and limitation of time and space. Such environment is reflected also in experience-based digital products as well. Experience-based digital product design is grafted with playing vividly. Playing created by digital media product affects human broadly in extending activities up to virtual space beyond physical design that uses body and widening consciousness, and thus is anticipated to help human understand the digital environment significantly.
Key Words
체험형 제품 디자인, 호모 루덴스, 놀이, Experiential Product Design, Homo Ludens, Play
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