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Vol.41, No.0, 43 ~ 53, 2013
A development of the illuminating car-seat based on consumer needs
조하경 Hakyung Cho , 송하영 Ha-young Song
Recently, according to increase of concerning about emotional element in product such as eco-friendly and wellbeing, consumer`s emotional needs in the field of car seat have been required diversity, high-quality as major factors. Car seat based on aesthetics, comfort and entertainment elements has developed various type and application. One of the these trend, the car seat has been developed illuminating car seat which was integrated function of color and light changing by response to the car`s environment. But, illuminating car seat has been studied focus on technology such as weaving method of optical fiber, sensor connecting technology and so on, study about illuminating car seat based on consumer needs is insufficient. In this study, Illuminating car seat applied the consumer needs based on car lifestyle is to develop. To this purpose, Function of welcome and speeding alert was applied. In addition, to develop illuminating car-seat, consumer needs according to the car lifestyle was driven and applied in car seat. As a result, car life style is categorized 3 types as function-oriented type, design-oriented type and value-oriented type, preference and purchase intention of Illuminating car seat was higher in the pursuit type. Based on consumer needs, welcome function and speeding alert function is designed in backrest and at the top of backside bolsters, that illuminating car seat by response to the car`s environment was proposed
Key Words
카시트, 일루미네이팅, 자동차 라이프 스타일, 웰컴기능, 과속경고기능, Car-seat, Illuminating, Car lifestyle, Function of welcome, Speeding alert function
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