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Vol.41, No.0, 29 ~ 43, 2013
Thesis on Brand Identity Development for China Localization of Korean Products - Suggest the Brand Development Process through the Case -study of Jusin Haircare Brand -
김형석 Kim Hyung-suk
Medium small sized enterprises of Korea is trying to advance to the China Market. But A few companies successfully occupied the China Market. The most important thing for China Market Advancement is to figure out the consumer`s need and demands of the China Consumers and Successful brand Launching depends on the product value creation and effective brand identity establishment. Brand and Package system with poor delivered brand message and information is going to be a big problem. Many brands are being developed without correct local marketing research and analysis. Many Brand systems are being developed without thinking and analysing consumers` preferences and competitive product value offerings from naming development to visual executions. Well made Brands based on design strategy of Localization and Globalization can be a tremendous brand to assure the export expansion. Through very unique and differentiated brand strategy, We are not waiting any longer for Brand Creations for long run in the Global Market. therefore, I suggest an effective methodology through the brand launching process of Hair care products in China Market.
Key Words
브랜드 아이덴티티 프로세스, 브랜드 전략, 현지화, 세계화, Brand Identity Process, Brand Strategy, Localization, Globalization
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