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Vol.40, No.0, 109 ~ 125, 2013
The Brand Touchpoint Analysis through Corporate Identity Typeface of Mobile Telecommunication Companies - Focusing on KT olleh and SK Telecom T -
이가영 Lee Ka Young , 강혜승 Kang Hae Seung , 김지인 Kim Ji In
The importance of integrated design which tries to increase the identity realizing effect by applying the design rule synthetically to not only products but also various elements of circumstance related with products has been increasing. As it can bee seen in the brand touchpoint wheel theory of David A.Aaker , Scott M. Davis and Michael Dunn, the effect of integrated design can be maximized by applying the element of the brand identity at every brand touchpoint, the moment which a corporation meets a customer. This study tried to compare and analyze how corporate identity typeface of the mobile telecommunication companies, KT olleh and SK Telecom T, are realized at each brand touchpoint on the basis of the brand touchpoint wheel model, and the research result is as follows. First, the use of corporate identity typeface during the experience before purchase which is the first step of the brand touchpoint wheel should be expanded. Because it is the element which not only existing consumers but also potential consumers can get information indirectly, it should imprint the image and identity of a corporation on consumers by expanding the proportion of application. Second, the application of corporate identity typeface for the components of purchase experience which is the second step of the brand touchpoint wheel should be intensified. Because it is the step which consumers personally purchase a product they want and experience, it should offer information to existing consumers and potential consumers and satisfy the purchase desire of consumers by clearly imprinting the brand image by continuously exposing corporate identity typeface to the components of purchase experience directly of indirectly. By using corporate identity typeface for such touchpoint elements of mobile telecommunication companies, it can differentiate from competitors and deliver the identity of a corporation, brand identity and image unifyingly to consumers emotionally. It can be the important corporation strategy which unifies the image and value of a corporation consistently by exposing corporate identity typeface directly or indirectly at every moment that a corporation meets a consumer.
Key Words
이동통신사, 전용서체, 브랜드 터치포인트, Mobile Telecommunication Companies, Corporate Identity Typeface, Brand Touchpoint
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