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Vol.40, No.0, 59 ~ 69, 2013
Analysis on classified preference of Design Factors SNS Use on Smart Phone - focusing on SNS mobile environment with profile-based page -
박영주 Park Young Joo , 권세미 Kwon Se Mi , 이진 Lee Jin
At this point, the purpose of the study is to understand how these visual factors of Sns affect on preferences and use the motivations of users while most people is communicating by SnS. The visual factors of SNS on smart phones are categorized into the layour, color, typography and icons by preference surveys. The typography is not included in these due to the limit of the mobile screen size. According to the results, the users would prefer to go with bigger imagers and more simple layout rather than many informations and functions on a single page. In addition, the survey shows most users use sns with smartphones while they are moving. So that it is presenting that the users prefer bigger images and more simple display design. For the color of Logo, the users would love colors with positive high-chroma colors combined while for the icon, they would feel more comfortable with the ones with letters and images integrated. The findings of the study confirmed that people would not want to spend much time on recognizing the icons, and that those icons that are too simplified and symbolized would interrupt the understanding of the users. Regarding the SNS design environmental preferences, the study also could learn that design that is simple and easy to see would be more favored by the users.
Key Words
SNS, 스마트폰, 시각적 요소, smart phone, visual factors
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