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Vol.38, No.0, 49 ~ 59, 2013
Improvement of Participatory Design Tools for Physical Environment through Content Analysis of Cases
정은주 Jung Eun Joo , 정의철 Jung Eui Chul , 이연숙 Lee Yeun Sook
As participatory design(PD) has been activated in overall fields of society and culture, the importance of tools that facilitate the communications among the different stakeholder groups has been emphasized so far. The purpose of this study is to get improvement methods through comparing the communication tools supporting the PD in environmental projects by using systematic frameworks. Total 24 cases including 12 analogue tools and 12 digital tools were chosen as targets of content analysis. The results analyzed from the case studies showed that analogue and digital tools were used to express the different spaces, and digital tools supported the more variety level of participation. As a result, analogue tools need to be selected depending on users characteristics, and to be considered using digital tools partially. Digital tools need to be developed diversely and to be applied to most updated visualization technology. This study is expected to be used as a base for promotion of creative development and utilization of tools.
Key Words
참여디자인 의사소통 도구, 아날로그 도구, 디지털 도구, Participatory design Communication tool, Analogue tool, Digital tool
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