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Vol.38, No.0, 39 ~ 49, 2013
The Effects of Marketing Mix Elements of Fast Fashion brand on Benefits and Brand Loyalty
장애리 Aery Chang , 최선형 Choi Sun Hyung
Recently the issue of global fast fashion brand has emerged as one of the most critical areas for fashion marketing management. Despite strong interests in the subject, there is little evidence of how brand loyalty is created by marketing mix elements and what their effects are. This study explores the influences of marketing mix elements on the brand loyalty of fast fashion. Based on a literature review, a conceptual model for the product design, quality, accessary, price, brand, store, service, advertisement, promotion and brand loyalty on consumers` view was formulated and tested. For comparative purposes, two global fast fashion brands are tested, one is Zara and the other is Uniqlo. The subjects were 485 Korean women in their 20s living in Seoul. Results showed that brand loyalty of fast fashion brand is affected by design, quality, brand, price, and advertisements. Therefore Marketers should develop the core element to position its brand strategy to create competitive advantages.
Key Words
패스트 패션 브랜드, 마케팅믹스, 추구혜택, 브랜드충성도, fast fashion brand, marketing mix, benefit, brand loyalty
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