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Vol.35, No.0, 185 ~ 197, 2012
Study on Visual Image of Credit Cards Made Exclusively for Women
홍선미 Hong Sun-mi , 이경현 Lee Kyoung-hyeon
Marketing activities focused on corporate advertising are the most important element to banks, representative services enterprise. Corporate advertising of domestic banks has shown a relatively passive form compared with that of other industries in intervention and regulation of government before the financial crisis. However, After the financial crisis, advertising of banks has shown a significant change in message strategy. According to trends in M&A and the integration of holding companies between banks, corporate advertising of banks has become a more important position. This study analyzed corporation advertising of domestic banks faced with rapid change in banking market. Comparison with consumer`s minds before and after watching the advertising of banks revealed that the corporation advertising of domestic and foreign banks aimed for different images. The consumers preferred emphasizing on safety and profitability of bank and a mixed form of an emotional type and a rational type in corporation advertising of banks. In terms of expression case, it was demonstrated that consumers think positively emphasizing on using both model and symbolic materials in advertising. In addition, because of friendly image, consumers considered ordinary person more favorable for advertising model than famous person and using of new symbolic materials of each bank was preferred. Age rarely influenced the results of poll due to distinctiveness of the bank industry. It is expected that this study lead to positive impact on corporation image by suggesting appropriate direction of expression method and marketing.
Key Words
여성전용카드, 신용카드 디자인, 신용카드 컬러, Credit card for women, Credit card design, Color of credit card
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