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Vol.35, No.0, 163 ~ 173, 2012
Characteristics of the 2D-interfaces-based Depth Perception Theories Applied into a 3D Interface - Focused on the Change of Perception by User`s Movement -
안진희 Jin Hee An , 정승은 Seung Eun Chung , 류한영 Han Young Ryoo
Many researchers have discussed the issues of perception theories in their research because the use of them has become very important in the field of user interface design. However, it is vague whether the results of their research could directly be applied in 3D user interface design because their discussions have been focused on 2D user interface design. The purpose of this paper is to understand the characteristics of the 2D-interfaces-based depth perception theories when they are applied into a 3D user interface. For such a purpose, an online experiment was conducted to measure the change of user`s perception from two sets of experimental materials representing user`s movement within a user interface. The results of the experiment show that user`s initial perception from a user interface is corrected by user`s movements when the initial perception is different from the real and certain movement is statistically significant. Therefore, it might be helpful for a user interface designer to understand the change of perception and consider user`s such characteristics when they design a 3D user interface.
Key Words
3D 인터페이스, 움직임, 지각, 3D Interface, Movement, Perception
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