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Vol.35, No.0, 153 ~ 163, 2012
A study in preference assessment according to emotional design elements in the website - Focusing on the websites of department stores -
신재욱 Shin Jae-wook , 황진원 Hwang Jin Won
The development of the Internet enables modern people to carry out social communication and to obtain information they want by utilizing the Internet as a method of PR and business. In addition, the environment of the Internet is facing its expansion in the aspect of quantity as the era of large-scaled information has come, and such expansion in the aspect of quantity triggers its qualitative change. In this regard, users prefer website for the purpose of obtaining information as well as satisfying their emotion. Therefore, for construction a website, a designer must construct the identity that can access to emotional aspect of users by satisfying their needs. This study attempted to identify the correlation between emotional elements of website and the users` preference toward them, and the scope of this study was limited to the websites of domestic department stores. This study secured its theoretical structure, based on various materials, such as precedent studies, literatures, webzine, etc, and established the concept of emotional image as a preliminary study. In addition, it verified the hypotheses with Likert scale and significant probability. The results of the study are as follows: first, it was found that the importance for the elements of emotional design varied depending on age; second, it was found that motions and graphics, color among emotional design elements of the website affected the assessment on preference toward the website. In other words, it is required to construct an emotional design suitable for the era by approaching the emotional aspect of users, and it is necessary for a website design to have a design strategy adequate to the purpose of websites and the needs of users. Thus, we have to continue to conduct studies on emotional designs of websites supporting such strategy.
Key Words
감성 디자인, 웹 사이트, 디지털 기술, Emotional design, website, digital technology
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