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Vol.35, No.0, 139 ~ 153, 2012
The Partition Design for the Protection of Personal Space - Focused on Shared Space of the Caf`e Starbuck and Angelinus
이태경 Lee Tai-kyoung , 김정 Kim Jung
The increases of the female participation and of the time for leisure and changes in spiritual values and in lifestyle result to improvement of quality in life. So the resulting makes the consumers economically and emotionally need the space to meet their requirement. What the current needs of consumers, how changing needs of the future will go to the effort to reduce the gap analysis is required. In this study, the partition design presented as for the protection of personal space against shared space will be conducted for the protection of privacy and psychological comfort of individuals. In particular, the space needs of consumers and changing patterns of living that reflects the phase where the most specific needs of modern people can be accommodated so that appropriate changes will be needed. Space users, rather than simply used as a physical space, their own personality and identity, and feel the peace of mind in that space of time spent in leisure and enjoy the space should be. This paper continues to grow exponentially in recent years is targeted at Starbucks and Angelinus. Use environment-friendly material for the design curves and straight lines, trees and vegetation patterns based on visual attention blocks do not exceed the height of 1500mm to partition the design as presented research to maintaining the privacy of individuals in order to feel peace of mind partition design is presented.
Key Words
공유공간, 개인적공간, 파티션 가구디자인, shared space, personal space, partition furniture design
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