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Vol.36, No.0, 291 ~ 303, 2012
Barbara Kruger`s Design Methodologies of Constructing Art Work and the Artistic formativeness of the Texts
정무환 Moo Whan Chung , 진휘연 Whui Yeon Jin
Barbara Kruger, who was celebrated by art society as a feminist and conceptual artist in 1980s, used to be an editorial designer for the fashion magazine. In spite of the strong interests in her theme and political stands, her plastic language has not been fully discussed by the researchers. Most studies focus on the way in which Kruger criticize the gender and cultural issues. It is general to know that Kruger has treated text as an essential element in her works. Analyzing Kruger`s texts chronologically, this thesis suggests a new interpretation and understanding of her works, based on the analysis of the plastic changes in texts. This research specifically illuminates that the texts have been directed towards more independent artistic and formal constituents. In the recent works, Kruger`s text represents both the aesthetic stage and the structure of the work. With the results, this thesis also suggests that kruger`s text work is depending on her designer`s experience and it coincides with the trend of contemporary visual culture. Texts are transformed from the role of messenger of the meaning, to the artistic elements, and this change of texts will influence both contemporary art and design.
Key Words
바바라 크루거, 조형성, 이미지, 텍스트, 타이포그래피, Barbara Kruger, Artistic formativeness, image, text, typograhy
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