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Vol.36, No.0, 265 ~ 281, 2012
Meta-analogy as an element of appeal in advertising expression
이창수 Lee Chang-soo
Analogy which plays a role as an important medium in solving the problems in the advertisement expression is considered as an important key in the process of creative thinking. Analogy is involved with the similarity and it is divided into superficial analogy that has only formative property and structural analogy that has relationship to the objects. The present study attempted to confirm the preference difference in the expression method of print ads, dividing similarity into two types: analogy and meta-analogy and analyzing them. This study also attempted to look into how analogy and meta-analogy as a preference medium are realized when the objects are recognized and propose the research direction according to the understanding of whether advertisement expression has a positive role to play in consumers` behavior compared to the existing advertisements. Our results showed that the expression of structural similarity(meta-analogy) has higher preference than the expression of superficial similarity(analogy) in the aspect of persuasion, idea, memory, and good feeling in print ads. It is therefore necessary to fully consider the structural similarity to increase the effects in terms of persuasion, idea, memory, and good feeling in print ads. The decided difference revealed in the study between analogy and meta-analogy in advertisement expression seems to have shown the necessity of consideration of structural similarity for the effective communication in the future advertisement expression.
Key Words
광고, 유사, 유추, 메타유추, Advertising, Similarity, Analogy, Meta-Analogy
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