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Vol.36, No.0, 243 ~ 253, 2012
The Web-site Design Study of UX Design Perspective - Focused on Portal Site : NAVER -
김은숙 Kim Eun-sook , 공용택 Kong Yong-taeg , 성동선 Sung Dong-sun
The start of the domestic Internet in 1982, and the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Seoul National University (KIET) around the SDN (SystemDevelopment Network) through the information network is established as the first. Let`s look at the starting point for a full-fledged education in 1989, you can seethe networks, network seobiseura. Since the WWW (World Wide Wed) With the advent of the Internet with consumers and businesses interested in business with their boom boom causes, such as has been growing rapidly. Internet web site has grown rapidly and has developd a dramatic increase in the number of users, while not considered a complex layout and interface, and drivethe abundance information can not be a problem. Userexperience is very important factor when a user friendly experience, results, consumers will be satisfied with the good memories of it will remain soon. Returning to the user good memory made statement to give the instrument is directly connected with or growing revenue doemeuroseo itgetda be. Interested in various aspects of the user experience, which has a vigorous researchand design field, compared to the fact that scientific research is lacking in. This analysis of UX design is looking for a solution. Based on user-centered design principles and user experience (UX) design is indeed a variety of areas that leverage and reduce unnecessary elements and serves as the development and improve efficiency. This study design, UX (User eXperience Design) by analyzing the user-friendly and more efficient ways to use web site design was proposed
Key Words
사용자경험디자인, 웹사이트 메인페이지, 인터렉션 디자인, User experience design, Web site main page, Interaction Design
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