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Vol.36, No.0, 27 ~ 39, 2012
Experimental research about the colorimetry of color-landscape
배용진 Bae Yong-jin , 권오현 Kwon O-hyun
Since 2000, as for the colorimetry of color-landscape in Korea, machinery colorimetry is preferred, and in such case when machinery colorimetry is impossible, it is used along with visual colorimetry. This sort of method has several problems as follows. First, although machinery colorimetry may have high precision, since landscape is `the emotion that is psychologically drawn to people`, or `something that includes emotion`, or `measurement of how colors are seen`, there is a problem that psychological factors are not reflected. Second, since color is a type of a sense, there are cases in which the results of visual colorimetry and machinery colorimetry are not consistent. Accordingly, when using both of the methods, there is a problem in the precision of data. The purpose of the research is as follows. First, if visual colorimetry is as precise as the machinery colorimetry, the visual colorimetry in which psychological factors are reflected, suggests the precision to the colorimetry of color-landscape. Second, if there are differences between visual colorimetry and machinery colorimetry, as for the colorimetry of color-landscape, it would be suggested not to mix both of the methods. The experimental results were as follows. First, the visual colorimetry was as precise as the machinery colorimetry, and it was even more precise than the machinery colorimetry in measuring the colors of the natural landscape. Accordingly, as for the colorimetry of the color-landscape, the precision of the visual colorimetry in which psychological factors are reflected, is suggested. Second, in all the experimental results of all objects, it seemed that brightness and saturation were higher when color was visually measured rather than using the machine, as psychological factors were reflected. Accordingly, it would be the suggestion to not use both of the methods together. The machinery colorimetry is appropriate when measuring `which color is consistent with another color` or `in what kinds of colorants is the color composed of?`.
Key Words
경관, 색채, 측색, Landscape, Color, Colorimetry
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