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Vol.34, No.0, 55 ~ 65, 2012
A Study on the Application of Wayfinding for Place Branding
김신혜 Kim Shin-hye
In the modern human society, the volume of information given to people to find their way in complex and diverse public places is getting increased. Accordingly, the concept of wayfinding has been developed. However, in spite of its importance, wayfinding concept have not given much attention in Korea. As one of the ways to vitalize the wayfinding concept, the wayfinding model integrated with place branding was proposed in this paper. First, research on literature and current situation was performed. Second, the actual wayfinding and place branding--integrated examples were examined in order to find its potential. Ths paper proposes the frame work for the design plan which can integrate wayfininding and place branding through the expansion of wayfinding concept and its behavioral aspect. Also, as the methodology for the actual design process, service design tool was suggested.
Key Words
웨이파인딩, 플레이스 브랜딩, 서비스 디자인, Wayfinding, Place Branding, Service Design
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