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Vol.34, No.0, 37 ~ 47, 2012
A study of the Effect of using QR code in design class - Based on computer graphic program class -
석혜주 Seok Hye-joo , 이창근 Lee Chang-keun , 조승래 Cho Seung-lae
Recently along with the teaching methods, the effort to apply new technology in educational environment is increasing. Especially, it is getting more interesting about mobile education by using smart phone. Because of spreading smart phones, there are changes of recognition to apply the QR codes for educational purpose. However, there are still lack of research and result in order to using the QR codes commonly in classes. Therefore, the purpose of the project is to verify the educational effectiveness by applying QR codes in computer graphics class. The result are as follows; Compared to precious teaching methods, there are several benefits by using QR codes in class such as high interests, attention, expectation, and self-oriented. In addition, it confirmed to give more positive influence on the side of learning effect and satisfaction. Because of those strong positive benefits, we expect to increase the learning effect in educational environment if various educational contents are developed and applied in advance.
Key Words
디자인, QR코드, 학습효과, design, QR code, learning effect
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