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Vol.34, No.0, 17 ~ 27, 2012
Social Marketing Utilizing Location Based Social Network Service (LBSNS) Applications - Focusing on the cases of fashion brands -
한지숙 Han Ji-sook
In the era of Human 3.0 where the boundary between human and technology has been collapsed, with the rapid development of technology, we can enjoy various experiences, breaking away from the environmental restrictions on space, resources, etc. Even though social media of the past had received public attention only in that it was the emerging media, it became an essential element in marketing. In this regard, many fashion brands have promoted marketing strategies applying emerging digital technologies, such as 3D, application, SNS, LBS, AR, etc. In particular, as a smart phone became popular, it has been newly expanded into location based SNS service (LBSNS) connecting GPS with social network service (SNS) and has been emerged as a new trend of social marketing. Therefore, this study examined the current state of domestic/overseas LBSNS which has recently attracted more attention and the cases of application of LBSNS by domestic/overseas fashion brands. Marcjacobs, Jimmy Choo, Gap, Notrhface, Benetton Group, etc. have constantly carried out active marketing and derived the effects of virtual marketing, advertising exposure and brand PR in line with twitter or facebook. In addition, out of domestic fashion brands, Seeon, `Spicy Color` and `Fashion Together` (fashion-specialized social commerce) promoted events in 2011 for the first time, utilizing them in development of brand awareness and publicity. As such, it was found that they have led the applicability of important marketing and the expansion of marketing area by encouraging the positive and active participation of users, drawing interactive experiences of users, increasing the frequency of visit to stores, and providing entertainments and interesting opportunities.
Key Words
위치기반 소셜네트워크서비스, 포스퀘어, 소셜마케팅, Location Based Social Network Service(LBSNS), Foursqure, Social Marketing
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