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Vol.34, No.0, 7 ~ 17, 2012
The Activation of Newspaper Advertising Utilizing Creative Design-Focusing on Korea and Foreign Cases-
서구원 Suh Koo-won , 김경선 Kim Kyung-sun
With the advent of new media, newspaper advertising is being shrunk, which threatens the existence of the newspaper industry. Fortunately, newspaper is sill perceived as an important element of cross media strategies. Accordingly it seems that if the creativity in newspaper advertising is enhanced, there will be an opportunity to revitalize newspaper advertising. The study analyzed and suggested various methods to activate newspaper advertising through case studies of cross media strategies such as QR code and augmented reality, and new types of newspaper advertising design including cover wrap, space reformation, super panorama, and so on.
Key Words
크리에이티브 디자인, 신문광고, 크로스미디어, Creative Design, Newspaper Advertising, Cross Media
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