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Vol.32, No.0, 87 ~ 97, 2011
The Application Plan of "Sign Design" to Create the Harmonious City`s Landscape-Focused on the Gwangyang Chilsung induc Street-
김철우 Kim Chul-woo , 최경옥 Choi Kyong-ok , 윤재성 Yun Jae-sung
The Sign Design forms the important community in relation to the city`s landscape, buildings, and human. The Sign plays the role of increasing the selling desire and the character of goods for the creation of profits, and it maximizes the effectiveness of advertising added the formative character based on the visual elements. The Sign derives the intimate, dynamic, and soft culture to the human, and it plays the role of increasing the added value through the advertising based on the formative character and the brand effectiveness. The expression method of the Sign Design can be directed variously by the type of business, harmonious location with buildings, choice of materials, choice of the style of handwriting, and the application of the color. Especially, the using of "LED" in the digital age is become the most advanced phenomenon, and it is contrastive to the expression by the analog. The Sign Design shall be the design to produce the street want to walk, happy street, and the street to visit again as the important medium communicating the feeling of human with the city. The Sign Design has the appeal for the sense of sight, touch, and hearing, and it is being formed the important element that influences directly to the inducing the selling desire of goods and the preference by the brand. In this study, the analysis of application examples of Sign Design with Indeokro, Chilseong-ri, Gwangyng City as the center was performed, and the visual elements of Sign Design, the formative character, type of installation, and buying goods were studied. In addition, based on the crossing analysis by sex, and generation, and frequency analysis, the direction of proper Sign Design was groped to create the harmonious city`s landscape. In the future, the Sign Design from the development to the installation shall be performed the continuous studying and effort for the producing the dynamic design for the human happiness in the city`s landscape.
Key Words
SIGN디자인, 도시경관, 조형성, Sign Design, City`s Landscape, Formative Character
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