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Vol.31, No.0, 203 ~ 215, 2011
On the Evolution of Technical Base in Media Art Making - Focus on the Physical Interface of the SoniColumn
목진요 Mok Jin-yo
Media art that has more splendid, sensational, and spectacle form in comparison to the current contemporary art form seeks for more direct interaction between the art piece and the audience. The direct interaction is one of the key differnces and distinctions of media art. Realizing this interaction is followed by careful researches and undergoing trial and error. In media art technology base should not only considered as a tool of realizing idea, but is more as a common ground where art and technology is converged in one. New esthetics is also required after this new form of art. This thesis is a case study of my work SoniColumn which has been featured in a lot of international museums and galleries including Bitforms Gallery, WIRED NextFest New York, Chelsea Museum New York, Gwangju Design Bienalle, Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art, Direct Digital Festival Italy, LEXUS Hybrid Art Moscow, and Incheon Digital Art Festival. The SoniColumn has shown three stage of evolution and through these evolutions emphasize the importance of technology development including the physical hardware planning, elavorate electronic system design, and the logical computer programming.
Key Words
미디어아트, 인터랙션, 테크놀로지, Media art, Interaction, Technology
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