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Vol.31, No.0, 173 ~ 183, 2011
The Influences of Organizational Structures on the Creative of Designers
김정훈 Kim Jung-hoon
In recent years, the importance of creativity in building up corporate competitiveness has been well recognized by most corporate executives and managers. Although many studies suggest that the organizational structure could harness or boost up creativity among designers, no particular study thus far has delved into the impacts of organizational structure on the designers` creativity. The purpose of the present study was to empirically test the effects of corporate hierarchical structure on the designers` creativity. A survey was conducted with internal corporate designers to measure their creativity and structural environments. As a result, it was found that out of three dimensions of organizational structure, formalization and specialization have positive correlations with designers` creativity, while centralization showed negative, but statistically not significant relationship with designers` creativity. These results are not in line with what has been found in creativity studies conducted with general employees, suggesting that designers have different behavioral patterns. Further implications of the study were discussed.
Key Words
조직구조, 디자이너, 창의성, Organizational structure, Designer, Creativity
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