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Vol.31, No.0, 163 ~ 173, 2011
A City-Wide Mobile Game "City Pac-Man" and Chances of Location-based Games
정의태 Jung Eui-tay
A japanese game company "Namco" developed "Pac-Man" in 1980 and the game scored a great success worldwide. Simple game graphics, cute characters and easy user interfaces could gather even girls in game arcades. The developer Namco(now Namco-Bandai Games Inc.) can remain one of the powerful game developer and entertainment company in the world till now. Recently, Pac-Man is redesigned and redeveloped in some research centers and universities. For example, a street game, "Pac-Manhattan" was developed in New York, USA and Human Pac-Man was developed in Singapore. In this study, the Pac-Man from Japan will be analyzed and also two new "Pac-Man"s (Pac-Manhattan, Human Pac-Man) will be introduced and analyzed. Finally, a city-wide location-based game, "City Pac-Man" will be suggested.
Key Words
팩맨, 도시형 게임, 위치기반 게임, Pac-Man, City-Wide Game, Location-based Game
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