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Vol.31, No.0, 153 ~ 163, 2011
Process framework extraction of sustainable design process - Focused on sustainable management principles of Triple Bottom Line -
김이석 Kim Anthony Ie-sok
Today, the concept of sustainability is interpreted widely, from the creation of socio-cultural values to economic values. Such thoughts originates in an effort to balance the quality life and social responsibility versus the destruction of the environment from industrial processes to meet economic needs. Under this sustainable concept, design paradigm is shifting by uniting under sustainable design activities that span through economics, social, and environmental interests. Naturally, such changes require new approaches to practical application methods and design guidelines. Based on this need, this paper aims to suggest a design process framework based on Triple Bottom Line principle and the five Rs of sustainable design. This study`s intention is to provide a structure of thought for modern designers facing a changing paradigm rooted in sustainable context. Triple bottom line principles are utilized in order to investigate current phenomenon and problem solving through ideation. Realization of design are based on three of the five Rs of sustainable design concept. As a study of the application process, the paper will cover a bicycle storage design from waste furniture and wood. Through the example the paper intends provide argument supporting the proposed sustainable design guideline.
Key Words
지속가능디자인, 지속가능디자인 프로세스、Triple Bottom Line, 자전거 보관대 디자인 사례 분석, Sustainable design, Sustainable design process, Triple Bottom Line, Bicycle Storage Design case study
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