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Vol.31, No.0, 129 ~ 141, 2011
A Study on Characteristics of Visual Search Design based on Infotainment
권효정 Kwon Hyo Jeong , 이화세 Lee Hwa Sei
Recently, tendency in web information visualization is changing toward `infotainment` characteristic combined not only with cognitive aspects related to visual attention and immersion of humans, but also with elements of amusement. This is different from functional models of the past focusing on consistency. The majority of studies in web design has been conducted only about specific interfaces, mostly relying on the conventional HCI theory, with little attention to systematic definition of information visualization in a way to reflect characteristics of diversified user environments. Therefore, this study attempted to explore into web information design, focusing on visual search design representing visualization tendency in Web 2.0 and considering the cognitive characteristics and sensibility of users. First, a general overview of theories was offered regarding representational forms of data visualization and infotainment. Second, major concepts and structural characteristics of infotainment based visual search design were presented. Third, criteria for defining visual search design in the Web 2.0 environment were put forth. Fourth, key examples on extension of visual search contents were presented according to the criteria, followed by discussion on the characteristics of visualization and the related topics of interface. This study sheds renewed light on the importance and role of design aspects of web information visualization which have been only sparingly addressed. Thus it is expected that the results of this study will serve as important basic data for future design models of information visualization in more progressed web environments.
Key Words
비주얼서치 디자인, 인포테인먼트, 정보시각화, Visual Search Design, Infotainment, Information Visualization
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