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Vol.31, No.0, 119 ~ 129, 2011
The Study of relationship between Korean `s design characters and the space-Mainly about Traditional alcohol label-
이하림 Lee Ha-lim
Typography also has power to spread out continuously by printing or mirror the times. Therefore, promoting a modern sensibility and customer satisfaction should be evenly active infunction always. Identity which could be stamped on people`s memory is determined and content character and package level is revealed by `space expression. Likewise has many different types and calligraphy which has diverse type to express and apply with is mainly changed by applied forms and the space`s role. Thus, it is true that the study about the independent and strongly inner-direction factor is less than it should be. The first purpose of this study is finding out what is relationship between design factors from Korean calligraphy`s formativeness and the space. Secondly, the purpose is finding out how the esthetic, formative factor which is born from the Korean alligraphy` formativeness could change a market Thirdly, the purpose is presenting the possibility that could create new added value traditional label-design brand. In this circumstance, label-design` character show the possibility that calligraphy and the space formative factor in could be the bridge to globalization and brand The range of this study covered each enterprise`s case produced till 2010 among the domestic traditional alcohol label design and Korean calligraphy. The methods were mainly lite rature search, precedent studies, national international label-design case through comparative analysis The character by region and design formative factors was reviewed to maximize Korean letter`s beauty; relationship between calligraphy and the space in the Korean traditional alcohol label-design. Through this analysis, design matters could impact in large portion of Korean traditional alcohol industry. I would like to share the issues and to suggest an improvement and study expected effect by optimized calligraphy and space in the traditional drinks.
Key Words
여백, 전통주, 캘리그라피, Marin(White Space), Traditional Wine, Calligraphy
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