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Vol.31, No.0, 87 ~ 97, 2011
Japonism characteristics influence on the formation of Modern design
강민정 Kang Min-jeung , 임경호 Lim Kyung-ho
Europe of 19th century was being transformed as modern society. The reason was the Industrial Revolution, the change of production system, and soon it became an origin of changes economically, socially and culturally. The human being`s energy which is the source of economic activity was changed as machinery energy and the land was changed into plant. With those changes, city`s development and citizens who are the new main agent of economy were born. These kinds of economic and social changes required new cultural changes. This was not only just for artistic exclusive property but also culture for ordinary people with large quantity production. The western Europe was attracted by orientalism that they had never experienced before because their previous culture was recycled plastic historically. Under this circumstance, Japonisme is formed. The oriental Japonisme that affected to western Europe has social features from Edo period as the result of Japanese Edo period. The Social background of the Edo period is related to European modern society from a development point of view in a urbiculture and a civil culture and we found that Japonisme was not just a simple curiosity of new culture. Japonisme was not just a trend or hobby and affected to European modern society. Specifically, Japonisme`s morphologic, colorful and shocking compositing expression as ready-made became a background for new esthetic and plastic materials during the period that the concept and importance of design were defined as mass production method. The fact that the design of modernism as geometric expression suitable for a mass production and machine aesthetics was affected by Japonisme cannot be denied.
Key Words
자포니즘, 근대 디자인, 우키요에, Japonisme, Modern Design, Ukiyo-e
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