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Vol.30, No.0, 93 ~ 103, 2011
Expanded Interface, Expanded Interactivity-focused on Sensitive to Pleasure-
송원진 Wonjin Song , 윤준성 Joonsung Yoon
This article examines the expanded interactivity according to expanded interface, as the interested lie in the interaction between audience and art works in the field of interactive art. In orther to carry out this study, the synesthetic characteristics of the digital media and the physical body in interface were consider. Artists from Italy, Sonia Cillari`s art work < Sensitive to Pleasure > which was divided ambisonic cube, creature, electric impulse interface was analyzed in aspects of interface. And a corresponding expansion of the interaction characteristics were studied. Through this study, Interactivity in art works is expanding depending on the development of interface as pluralistic.
Key Words
인터페이스, 인터랙티브 아트, 상호작용성, interface, interactive art, interactivity
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