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Vol.30, No.0, 83 ~ 93, 2011
Structural Law and Formal Characteristics of the Spiral Form
김연화 Kim Youn Hwa
The study of the spiral form and sculpting is at the access to adaptability. To that end, the observations on abstract concepts, aesthetic characteristics, structural characteristics, and dynamic characteristics should be accompanied. Through visual and structural forms of the spiral form, this study tries to grasp their relationship to identify and process concrete constituent elements. That is, it seeks to know the experience and expressive possibility of visual language of pure formal element and theory of the spiral form and to cultivate the creative forming ability. Base on this study, it confirms that the spiral form as a formal element is foundation of every phenomena and constitutes a standard for balance and harmony. To sum it up: The formal and structural law found in the spiral form is the formal variations of spirals and rolls. The study found the formal structure created by organic law of the spiral form and as its formal expression confirmed and reinterpreted movement, gradation, and change.
Key Words
구조적법칙, 나선형, 적응성, Structural Law, Spiral Form, Adaptability
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