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Vol.29, No.0, 411 ~ 421, 2010
Adolescents` image evaluation and attitudes towards Korean image school uniform
윤초롱 Chorong Youn , 문희강 Hee-kang Moon
The purpose of this study was to establish concept of Korean image school uniforms, and to provide guidelines for developing Korean image school uniforms. Korean image school uniforms may reflect the images of Korean cultural identity as well as the images of Hanbok. By reinterpreting traditional Korean image from a modern viewpoint and reflecting it Korean image school uniform design, a large portion of dissatisfaction with current Korean image school uniform could be resolved. In order to identify adolescents` preferred Korean image school uniform, this study examined if they prefer modernized Korean image to realistic one. And adolescents` image evaluation dimensions on Korean image school uniform that affect their altitudes towards Korean image school uniform were identified as well. For this study, questionnaire data from 551 female adolescents was used for statistical analysis. Adolescents perceived the difference between two stimuli operatinalized according to the level of modern expressivity and preferred the school uniform reflecting Korean traditional image with modern interpretation. As a result of factor analysis for image evaluation, four dimensions, refined/ graceful, easy/practical, stuffy/rustic, and decorative /staring were drawn. It was found that the easy/practical dimensions factor and refined/ graceful factor affected adolescents` perception of modernity in Korean image uniform.
Key Words
한국적 정체성, 교복, 이미지 평가, Korean identity, school uniform, image evaluation
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