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Vol.29, No.0, 379 ~ 391, 2010
Brand Communication Strategy of Companies to Create Eco-Friendly Image
강성중 Kang Sung Joong , 신진옥 Shin Jin Ok
Green Management of companies is getting important with sustainable development and social responsibility. Although diverse eco-friendly marketing of companies, it is not easy to build eco-friendly brand image. Efficient brand communication matching brand identity (what brand is) and brand image (what people perceive) is required. Through the case study of best eco-friendly brand for customers, powerful message, product and service perceived by customer, and long-term consistency are needed to make brand eco-friendly. Sustainability Index showing the sustainable degree of companies is made with the factors of environment, society, and economy. ERISS Sustainability Index evaluates domestic companies. With the result of survey to investigate customer`s awareness for environmental high-ranking companies, it shows the differences between ranking and people`s awareness. Customer`s awareness for green management related to core industry, people`s judgement about eco-friendly brand on advertisement and usual brand image. For efficient brand communication to construct eco-friendly brand image, understandable clear message, eco-product and service which customer can meet directly, and customer`s emotion-oriented brand strategy are required. Eco-friendly brand is built through verbal simplicity, visual expression, authenticity of product, and durable communication.
Key Words
브랜드 커뮤니케이션, 지속가능지수, 환경경영, Brand Communication, Sustainability Index, Green Management
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