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Vol.29, No.0, 79 ~ 91, 2010
The Study on Post Occupancy Evaluation of public facilities design Based on Designs for Street Facilities in Gwangyang-city
이양병 Lee Yang-byung , 윤갑근 Yoon Gab-geun , 김영훈 Kim Young-hun
This paper is a study on satisfaction of designs for public facilities by Post-Occupancy Evaluation of Street Spaces experienced by citizen in Gwamgyang-si. In the aspect of theoretical consideration, this study extracted the idea of the Evaluation Criterion Description which is based on the study of concepts and characteristics of Post-Occupancy Evaluation, the notion of public facilities designs, classification of them, and the evaluation of public facilities designs at home and abroad. The researches of cases and surveys of public facilities designs for Street Space in Gwangyang-si are analyzed for this study, also in the survey 99 questionnaires are used to verify with statistical program, SPSS, which carried out collating of Frequency Analysis, Descriptive Analysis, Correlation Analysis, and One-way Analysis of Variance. The result of this study is summarized like below: First, most of people surveyed consider that designs are the most important factor for the Street View of Gwangyang-si, but they are not satisfied with level, harmony, and satisfaction the design of street view have, therefore it is necessary to improve public facilities designs. Second, in the analysis of Evaluation Criterion Descriptions for public facilities designs of Street Space in Qwanmgyang-si, the average all the designs are presenting a low level. It means that designs for the Street Space have to be developed. Last, designs certainly need to be improved because of the result that all of the grades from Evaluation Criterion Descriptions for Designs are below average, especially some elements like aesthetic element, substantiality, and harmony are evaluated seriously, and also several public facilities like trash cans, the street trees guards, phone booths, and bus stops should be reformed. According to this situation, design factors related to a sense of beauty like aesthetic elements and harmony are made up when public facilities are constructed for the Street Space in Qwangyang-si for the future.
Key Words
공공시설물디자인, 거주후평가, 평가척도어, public facilities design, Post Occupancy Evaluation, Evaluation Criterion Description
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